TOKYO DRIFTの反響が大変良かったため、『ギャルが本気でHIPHOPやってみた』Project始動‼















を選抜して組んだ次世代HIP HOPユニット













デビュー曲の【make up】は、90年代ギャル文化が創り出してきた様々な物へのリスペクトと今を生きる女の子の気持ちを込めたリリックとなっており、幅広い層の女性に向けたエモく切ない内容となっている。



こちらの楽曲【make up】は各種音楽ストリーミングサービスで5月10日うより配信開始!




今回のデビューを記念してMVでモデルが着用している洋服やキャップがegg Project storeで予約販売受付中です✨






“egg” is the Japanese GAL media, which was suspended publication in June 2016, and restarted as a youtube media from March 2018. It was completely revived as a magazine media on May 1, 2019, when it changed to the new era “Reiwa”.

Today, egg has grown into the major GAL media that has 350,000 youtube channel subscribers.


The next-generation HIP HOP unit [HANJUKUTAMAGOTCHI half-boiled egg], the members are egg`s exclusive models Maami, Momoa, and YU-chami, who have a good reputation for rap music, will debut on May 1,2021.

The origin of the unit name is also the origin of the name of egg, which means children in the state of eggs with infinite possibilities before taking off to society, and the meaning of immature HIPHOP beginners.


The debut song [make up] show a respect for various things created by the 90`s GAL culture and the feelings of girls living in the present, and it is an emotional and nostalgic song for a wide range of women.


Their fusion of HIPHOP and Shibuya GAL culture,which is evolved from the 90`s Shibuya street culture, will create a new sensation in the music industry.


egg channel



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